We will organize, clean, arrange, and display all items to be sold. If, during that process, we encounter items that appear to be of especially sentimental value, or we encounter other valuable items you have not told us about, we will consult you. We will use available tables, shelves, and similar areas for display purposes and we will provide additional tables and display cases, as necessary. We will lightly clean the area where the sale is to be conducted, gather and dispose of items that cannot be sold, and clean and polish selected items to be sold, such as flatware, fine china, and furniture- if necessary.

We will appraise all items to be sold and will mark prices using stickers, tags, or signs. All items will be logged and a complete inventory of items and prices will be given to the client upon completion of sale. If we believe there are items of value that are not within our area of expertise, we may choose to engage an outside appraiser having the necessary expertise at our expense. We welcome your input regarding the value of specific items; however, given our substantial experience in this area, we reserve the right to make all final pricing decisions. We also reserve the right to use any manner or method to liquidate items being on premise or independent auction houses.

Conduct Sale
Our team will conduct the sale in a professional and efficient manner. Our staff will be in communication with the beneficiary the entire length of the sale process. We will conduct the sale with two main objectives:\

A.To sell every available item; and
B.To maximize the proceeds from the sale

During the course of the sale, we may negotiate prices with customers and accept bids as we see appropriate in order to achieve the two objectives stated above. However, you may establish minimum prices for a small number of items for the first day of the sale. Please provide a list at the time of the consultation, or at the time the contract is signed. From the second day forward, we will reduce the prices for all agreed items being sold in order to liquidate the entire contents of the estate.  

We will arrange all advertisements regarding the sale and schedule all advertisements to appear in the appropriate medias and our company website. In addition, we will place a sign in the yard during the sale, and additional signs in the vicinity of the sale (if permitted with regard to local ordinances). A one-time marketing fee is required per the contract and deducted from your gross proceeds of liquidation. 

Unfortunately, we've come to realize minor theft can occur even though we plan and arrange to have the entire premises secure before, during, and after the sale. In an effort to mitigate theft on sale days, we ensure adequate staff is allocated throughout the property, and security is posted at the main entrance at all times. All smaller valuables, such as jewelry, gold/silver, pottery, artwork, etc.., are removed from the premises daily and stored in an alarmed and secure off-sight facility.

Disposal of Unsold Items
Although we pride ourselves on a "sale-through" rate of 90% or more, there could possibly be unsold items at the conclusion of the sale. You can choose a specific charity to donate the remainder of the items to or Grandson’s uses many local non-profit organizations such as Goodwill Industries and/or the Salvation Army. They will pick up the unsold items for free if you choose (however, a 2-3 week lead time might be required). 
Hazardous Waste
Grandson’s is not responsible for any unsold chemicals left after sale. Chemicals include paints, pesticides, household cleaning items, or any petroleum based products.  

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